Sunday, May 22

Hawker’s ominous hunch proves correct


KUCHING: A hawker’s hunch that something bad might have happened at his house yesterday morning turned out to be right.

The 32-year-old from Jalan Bayor Bukit, Tabuan Jaya lost several items after his house was broken into, including old notes worth RM3,000, a laptop and jewellery.

He told reporters that he had a strange feeling while tending to his food stall in town.

When he rushed home around 10am, he was shocked to discover the front gate of his house open wide.

“I thought it could be my parents who opened the gate, but their car was not in the porch. When I saw the gate was forced open, I knew something bad had happened.”

The man explained that he would usually go out around 6am and would only return home after picking up his children from school at noon.

He has lodged a police report.