Wednesday, December 8

Women not fence sitters — Lau


SIBU: Women are no fence sitters as they can be easily influenced, said SUPP Sibu branch women chief Kapitan Datuk Janet Lau.

Lau was responding to a question as to whether women are generally behind BN or preferred to remain as fence sitters.

“I think for women, they are not fence sitters as women are easily influenced by people, be they family members or friends.

“Women are not fence sitters as they don’t wait for people to come to them. Put it this way, we are more simple but definitely not fence sitters,” she told reporters yesterday.

She said that if somebody were to first influence the women with the wrong things, feeding them with incorrect information, they (women) might not be left with much choice.

“As such, it is imperative that we reach out to the women and find ways to help them. Mind you, while women can be easily influenced, they too can influence those in their surroundings,” Lau said stressing the important role played by the Women’s wing.

Speaking from experience, she noted that when SUPP Women’s wing helped women, the women would in return be faithful to them, seeing the sincerity shown when they rendered assistance.

“If you mingle and feed them with the correct information, I think they will stay with the one who can help them,” she added.

Asked how the Women’s wing garners support from the community, she said they visited the women and made friends with them.

At times, they would attend functions too, she said.

Asked on her role in the coming Parliamentary election, she said as the branch women chief, she would fulfill her duty and do her very best.

Meanwhile, according to a media report, a study by the University Malaya Centre for Democracy and Election concluded that 49 per cent of voters are expected to vote for BN; 21 per cent for PR and 30 per cent undecided.