Thursday, December 3

11 killed in aeroplane crash in north-west Nepal


KATHMANDU: An aeroplane belonging to Agni Air crashed in Jomsom, north-west Nepal crashed Monday morning, a Xinhua news report said.

11 people have been confirmed dead while 5 people have been rescued alive.

There were total 21 people on the plane with 3 crew members.

Among the rescued are the air hostess of the flight, one minor and two foreigners.

The plane was flying from Pokhara to Jomsom, Mustang. The plane crashed around 10 am local time.

Rescue operations are being carried on. Most of the passengers are foreigners. The injured have been flown to hospital for treatment.

As per reports, the plane crashed as they failed while turning the plane from a narrow turn. The front portion of the plane has totally been damaged.

Talking to Xinhua, Deputy Inspector General of Police Gynanedra Singh Bhandari said the plane crashed behind the army barrack of the region.

He also said that police and army are conducting rescue operation along with stand by flights to carry the injured.

According to him, the rescue operations were able to be carried soon because the plane crashed near the army barrack.