Wednesday, November 29

Curb illegal Euro 2012 gambling — Activist


MIRI: The government, through the Home Affairs Ministry and police, must increase efforts to curb illegal gambling in connection with the Union of European Football Associations (Uefa) Euro 2012 championship.

Social activist Wan Zain Syed Modzar said Euro 2012, which begins on Friday and will run until July 1, will undoubtedly give many opportunities for local and international gambling syndicates to reap huge profits.

“The Euro 2012 league will commence in a few days’ time and it cannot be denied that gambling syndicates are now preparing their networks for huge profits from betting by the public, especially for the opening match,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

“We are worried the illegal gambling activities will become more and more rampant during this Euro 2012, giving a negative impact on moral values.”

He said the problem of illegal gambling, especially involving international syndicates, is very hard to control but can be minimised through integrated operations.

At the same time, Wan Zain said Federation Internationale de Football Association (Fifa) must expose the names of individuals or players found to be involved in illegal gambling.

“Fifa must channel the information to the Ministry of Home Affairs if they identify individuals and the police will follow up to catch these culprits,” he said adding that police must act swiftly to shut down local gambling syndicates.

He added that parents should also observe their children’s activities and prevent them from getting involved in gambling even though the bets may be small.