Monday, August 26

PTPTN has not betrayed students, says chairman


TEMERLOH: The Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) said yesterday it has not betrayed or abused students but has been fair by compromising on their loan repayments.

PTPTN chairman Datuk Ismail Mohamed Said emphasised that they were always open to students facing problems and prepared to discuss options such as rescheduling their repayment if necessary.

“The claim by some parties that we’re betraying or abusing the students is absolutely not true. In fact, if they can only afford to pay RM50 a month, we are willing to accept it.

“The truth is, it’s disappointing that those who obtain loans do not even bother to contact PTPTN after they complete their studies, despite us trying to contact them repeatedly and, as a last resort, we have to issue a court summons,” he told reporters here yesterday.

Ismail, who is also Kuala Krau member of parliament, urged students facing repayment difficulties to discuss the matter with PTPTN to reach a solution.

On another matter, Ismail said 1.2 million accounts have been opened under the National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN) with total deposits of RM605.43 million as of March 31. He said the deposits were expected to increase following PTPTN’s requirement that each loan applicant should have an SSPN account with a minimum balance of RM20.

The scheme was introduced to instill the culture of saving among parents who wanted their children to pursue tertiary education, he explained.

Parents can plan their children’s education fund through the scheme without facing financial difficulties or resort to borrowing from the government, he said. — Bernama