Thursday, August 6

990 OUM graduates receive degree and diploma


KUALA LUMPUR: A disabled person was among 990 happy graduates of the Open Universiti Malaysia (OUM) who received their degrees and diplomas in various fields in a convocation ceremony held at the Putra World Trade Centre, here yesterday.

Yusman Fazli Mohd Yusof, 33, who is paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries caused by a road accident three three years ago received his Masters in Business Studies, accompanied by his wife and mother.

“The accident had caused me my job but it did not deter me from pursuing further study, instead it made me more determined in life,” he said when met during the ceremony.

Yusman Fazli, who is currently working on a thesis titled ‘Disabled entrepreneurs’, is also determined to further his study to a higher level to achieve his ambition to become a lecturer and continue his writing on the thesis.

The ceremony yesterday also saw three recipients of the doctor of philosophy (Phd) degrees, 134 recipients of Masters degree, 992 recipients of bachelors degree and 16 diplomas which were presented by the Pro-Chancelor of OUM, Tan Sri Azman Hashim.

Meanwhile, a Singaporean national, Tony Halim, 35, who received his Phd in engineering, said the OUM had offered the best package for him to continue his study.

“OUM is very objective, this is because they have been judged by international communities.

During my four years at the university I have completed four journals and two conference papers,” he said.

An experienced teacher of a tuition center for more than 16 years, Mah Lay Suat, 44, said her experience made her crave for education, hence she took the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching.

“I realise that OUM is the first to offer this, so I registered for it. When I went to this programme, I realised the lecturers are very good and the teaching techniques are very up to date,” she said. — Bernama