Wednesday, January 19

SPFP issue not our concern — Lagong


KUCHING: Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) will not entertain any dispute over its acquisition of Sabah People’s Front Party (SPFP) party registration by members of the Sabah based party.

Its deputy president George Lagong said yesterday the party had no comment on the dispute as it is an issue between SPFP and the Registrar of Society (ROS).

“As far as the party is concerned, SWP’s registration is legitimate. We already have the certificate in hand from ROS Putrajaya to prove it.

“If Sabah People’s Front Party office bearers want to lodge an official complaint with ROS, let it be their issue. The party will not entertain this matter,” said George, who is also Pelagus assemblyman, when contacted.

He added that the suspension of SPFP president and secretary-general for purportedly falsifying the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) minutes and changing the party’s name to Sarawak Workers Party had nothing to do with SWP.

He stressed that the party was not even thinking of taking any counter action to the situation just yet.

“Let them complain or lodge police reports. We have no comment on this matter as all these are their own internal issues.”

SWP president Larry Sng, when contacted on Saturday, dismissed the matter as a ‘non-issue’.

He said there should not be any doubt over SWP’s legality because ROS did not objected to its registration.

Sng said he believed the issue would not impede SWP’s maiden foray in the coming general election.

“As far as we are concerned, all our documentations are in order and in compliance with the rules and regulations of ROS,” said Sng, who was campaigning at Lubok Antu and Selangau.

Reported in The Borneo Post on the same day, SPFP office bearers claimed that minutes of an extraordinary general meeting purportedly called by the party to approve the change of its name were false.

Following this, the party suspended its president and secretary-general on June 3.

SPFP also lodged a police report against its president and secretary-general.

It was also believed that some members of the office bearers had gone to Putrajaya to meet with the ROS.

The office bearers even told ROS Sabah that the EGM had never been convened at all.