Monday, September 28

Sebuyau rep orders immediate repairs of Darul Aman Mosque


STRONG WIND TO BLAME: Julaihi (front fourth left) inspects the damage at the mosque compound.

SEBUYAU: Sebangan’s Darul Aman Mosque, which lost part of its roof due to strong wind on Tuesday, will receive immediate repairs.

Assistant Minister of Rural Development Minister Julaihi Narawi gave the assurance yesterday when he visited the mosque at Kampung Sampat, Sebangan to assess the damage.

Besides the roof, the mosque’s dome was also sent crashing to the ground.

“I am seeking an emergency fund from the State Development Office (SDO) and I have spoken to the director.

“I see this as urgent and I hope that the repair work can be done in two or three days,” said Julaihi, who is Sebuyau assemblyman.

He also directed Sebuyau sub-district Sarawak administrative officer (SAO) Abdul Rahman Brahim and mosque chairman Yaman Madian to begin immediate repairs.

Julaihi said as a result of the damaged roof, the mosque’s interior and carpet also suffered water damage.

The strong wind, which villagers said occurred around 4.30pm, also affected the roofs of houses in Kampung Sampat (26 houses), Kampung Arus Melayu (three houses) and Kampung Arus Iban (eight houses).

Officers from the Welfare Department were also present yesterday.

“The Welfare Department will go to the affected houses to assess the damage to enable assistance to be rendered,” said Julaihi.