Wednesday, July 28

PRS to seek judicial review on SPF/SWP


KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) will file a court notice to seek a judicial review against the name change of Sabah People’s Front (SPF) to Sarawak Workers Party (SWP).

PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Masing said seeking a judicial review was the best way to end all doubts over the acquisition of SPF by SWP following the allegations by some former SPF office bearers that there had been some ‘hanky-panky’ involved in the name change.

“In the wake of such allegations, we feel the best way is to conduct a judicial review in order to clear the air once and for all. Otherwise the status of the party (SWP) will remain questionable.

“It is not because we are worried of facing the party in the coming general election. We are ever ready to face anyone for as long as the party is truly a legal entity. The only thing is we don’t want to fight against a party whose status is still doubtful.

“To me this is the most appropriate thing to do because we cannot condone any unlawful formation of any organisation. Not only us in PRS but I think everyone else should also feel and do the same,” he said.

Masing, who is Land Development Minister, however could not reveal when his party would file the notice except to say “we will do it as soon as all the legal documents are ready”.