Thursday, July 16

Stroke patient begs son to come home


KOTA SAMARAHAN: A stroke patient, 63-year-old Jebi Aman, is appealing to her eldest son, who is working in Singapore, to come home.

She misses him a lot and is longing to see him and hear his voice again.

According to her husband, Aziz Gadin, Jebi had been asking about her son and hoping to see him ever since she suffered a stroke last year.

“We do not hope for anything else except for Putit’s (her son’s name) return. We miss him a lot, his mother misses him so much. She had been asking for him even before she got this stroke,” he said when met at their residence in Kampung Tanjung Bundong yesterday.

Aziz, aged 65, had to speak on his wife’s behalf as she could not speak due to her condition, which only allows her to move her left arm.

Putit is the third child among six siblings and he is the eldest son. He is now 36 years old.

Aziz said Putit last called them about two years ago, and even then it was just a short conversation.

He said due to her condition, his wife can only eat porridge.

“Sometimes our relatives and neighbours will donate some things to us. Although we have many children each has his and her own life. Furthermore, they are working as labourers in ordinary jobs. Currently, we depend on our youngest child’s salary. His job is just an ordinary one as he only studied till Form One. We cannot afford to support his education,” he said.

Ever since Jebi had a stroke, their youngest daughter had also stayed with them to look after her.

Aziz said he could no longer do heavy work after he was involved in a motorbike accident long ago.

However, despite their hardship, he said they were thankful that they were given assistance under ‘Program Pembangunan Rakyat Termiskin’ (PPRT) since 2009.