Sunday, February 23

Heritage Sabah to conduct documentation study on clock tower


KOTA KINABALU: Heritage Sabah will be carrying out a documentation exercise of the Atkinson Clock Tower with the permission of Sabah Museum while on-going work to repair the 107-year-old clock tower is in progress.

This is following the decision of the museum to facilitate structural repairs on the oldest historical landmark in KK city after the Heritage Sabah NGO highlighted its poor condition to the public through their Facebook social network page.

This swift response from Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun and Sabah Museum director Joanna Kitingan prompted an investigation on the condition of the clock tower and subsequently confirmed that the clock tower was in timely need for an upgrade.

Heritage Sabah will be documenting the progress of the repair as well as prepare a measured drawing of the clock tower to be compiled as an academic reference.

A report will be handed back to Sabah Museum for safekeeping when the documentation is completed.

The approved society (officially registered in April 2012) will also be conducting a study of resources with the Sabah State Archives and other relevant government departments to trace back the history of the clock tower — which has undergone several facelifts before its current existing facade that was done in 1959 for Jesselton’s silver jubilee anniversary.

Heritage Sabah is currently looking for funding assistance to aid its volunteers in the documentation process of the Atkinson Clock Tower.

Heritage Sabah is a society that is dedicated to the architectural and cultural heritage conservation in Sabah.

Its mission is to organize public awareness, to promote the preservation, restoration and protection of the architectural and cultural heritage, to advocate architectural and cultural heritage policies and guidelines for implementation, to collect and study any relevant information on architectural and cultural heritage for educational and reference use and to identify places with cultural significance in Sabah through heritage significance assessment for protection and conservation.