Saturday, May 25

Company launches new JAC assembly line


PRODUCTION LINE: (From left) Johnnie Ngu, Zhang, Manyin, Dalib, William Ngu and Ting during the tour of the factory at Mile 8, Airport Road.

SIBU: The brand new assembly line for the all-new JAC Light-Duty Truck series by N.B. Heavy Industries Sdn Bhd (NBH) was launched at Mile 8, Airport Road here recently.

NB Motors Group of Companies executive director Johnnie Ngu Heng Ee said the JAC light-duty truck series were manufactured by Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co, China, a full-fledged automotive manufacturer which has an annual production capacity of more than 700,000 units of vehicles ranging from sedans to MPVs, light, medium and heavy duty trucks and buses.

Reacting to a widely prevailing misconception on China-made products, he said for many people, anything that was China-made was perceived to be of inferior technology and quality.

“Not true,” he said, pointing out that Lenovo, Haier and Huawei were among the China brands that were truly globally renowned, with solid reputation for advanced technology and high quality.

“JAC is a brand that is comparable to these renowned brand names in terms of innovation, technological advancement and product quality.

“The JAC light-duty truck series are products which, we at NBH, believe will appeal to the transportation industry here in Malaysia,” he said.

He stated that modern technology, rugged reliability, good affordability and high operational efficiency were the top criteria for the transportation industry.

It was, he pointed out, summed up neatly by the JAC light-duty truck series, which were loaded with impressive specifications, armed with a robust build and engineered to perform.

He said this was evident in the fact that as the leading light commercial vehicle manufacturer in China, JAC had been number one in export sales for 10 consecutive years.

“JAC is an international class product, which has proven and tested technology sourced for its development, based on advanced European and Asian platform technologies,” he said.

In fact, he added, JAC was the only China-made light truck in the Malaysian market that met stringent Euro III emission standards, while its competitors were still at the Euro II level.

He said the styling, interior trim and power train were the results of JAC’s 46 years of manufacturing expertise and intensive research and development.

The fashionable design and overall performance, including engine power, drive control, ergonomics and comfort, exceed those of many rival products, he stated.

“In short, JAC is a world-class technology in a very affordable package, which is its competitive advantage. This, backed with an efficient after-sales service network spread across Malaysia at key cities, will make the JAC light-duty truck series a very appealing choice for both fleet operators and owners who are seeking affordable, economical, reliable and durable commercial light trucks,” Ngu added.

Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications Dato Sri Michael Manyin Jawong officiated at the opening ceremony of the JAC Light Commercial Truck Assembly Line, and later opened the new JAC showroom and launched the JAC truck at N.B. Motors Trading Sdn Bhd in Salim Road.

Also present were chairman of NBH Datuk Ting Ong Hua, vice general manager of JAC David Zhang, managing director of NBH William Ngu Ung Wei, director of Automotive Engineering Division and Road Transport Department in the Ministry of Transport Mohamad Dalib, advisor of NBH Ting Bing Cheong and state director of Road Transport Department Ibrahim Othman.

NBH was set up in 2010 as the group decided to expand into new commercial vehicle production, and has been granted manufacturing licence for new commercial vehicles, buses, vans and special purpose vehicles.

It has installed a US-made semi-auto assembly line which has cabin and chassis production capacity of 6,000 units per annum. This system consists of 12 assembly positions with a total length of 181 metres.

It has multiple assembling functions, including cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and machineries either in singular or combination production.

NBH has a professional team and a group of experienced contractors to attend to daily, long-haul, construction, mining, industries, agriculture, timber and special purpose usage; with more than 20 years supporting each of the industries with the best solution.

It has also set up an engineering team to do research and development.