Friday, May 24

Head of State, wife visit JAC assembly line in Sibu


THAT’S IT: (from left) Norkiah, Salahuddin and Ting at the JAC Light Commercial Truck assembly line.

SIBU: The Head of State Tun Datuk Patinggi Muhammad Salahuddin and his wife Toh Puan Norkiah yesterday made a visit to the newly opened JAC Light Commercial Truck Assembly Line of Malaysia at N B Heavy Industries Sdn Bhd (NBH) at Mile 8, Airport Road here.

Among those greeting them were chairman of NBH Dato Ting Ong Hua, managing director of NBH William Ngu Ung Wei and executive director of NBH Johnnie Ngu Heng Ee.

In his message in conjunction with the recent official opening of the company, William  said it initially started with motor repair and gradually expanded and diversified into auto parts, distribution of motorcycles, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, machinery and equipment, manufacturing and assembly of motorcycles, commercial vehicles, equipment and machinery, body builder engineering, customs modification, refurbishing and rebuilding commercial vehicles, machinery and equipment.

They had also started some non-core supporting business such as hire purchase and mortgage, Information systems, auction, and consultation on extension of services, he stated.

“We have installed the most advanced and complete assembly line from the United States. The factory is run by 20 experienced body-builder engineers, 20 full time assemblers, and 30 full time pre-delivery inspectors doing strict inspection before delivery.

“We also have six groups of experienced contract teams.  With factories in Sibu and Port Klang, our production capacity would increase to 7,000 units of trucks a year,” he said.

Today, he said, with the strong alliance with one of the biggest China truck makers, JAC Motors, armed with the best truck technologies will bring in 1.5 ton to 5 tons light duty commercial vehicles (LDCV) with BDM of 5 to 8 tons.

JAC truck is a Japanese friendly designed cabin with a powerful 4DA1 engine and Cummins engine from 90 –142hp, bringing to customers the green environmental engines with competitive fuel consumption and price.

“With the opening of the first JAC 4S centre here, JAC Motors and us would have a strong foundation to serve the local industries better. This is only the start of our journey and we will all build better products
and services,” William said further.

N B Motors began its operation from a humble beginning in 1971, and today it is well-established with branches throughout Sarawak, West Malaysia and overseas stretching from Singapore to Japan and China.

NBH was set up in 2010 as the group decides to expand to new commercial vehicle production after obtaining the manufacturing license for new commercial vehicles, buses, vans and special purpose vehicles.

It installed the US made semi-auto assembly line which could produce 6,000 cabin and chassis units per annum. The system consisted of 12 assembly positions with a total length of 181 metres.

It has multiple assembling functions, including cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and machineries either in singular or combination production.

NBH has a professional team and a group of experienced body building contractors to cater daily, long-haul, construction, mining, industries, agriculture, timber and special purpose usage; with more than 20 years supporting each of the industries on the best solution.

It also set up an engineering team for R & D and to implement solutions which best fit their customers.