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September 16

Custom Offenders Nabbed At Sungai Tujoh Border Control Post


Kuala Belait: On July 9 at 4.30pm, a local man along with two passengers were detained at the arrival side of the Sungai Tujoh Border Control Post by the Customs Inspection Officer, Borneo Bulletin reported.

The local man in his fifties driving a saloon car was found trying to smuggle 39 cartons of various brands of cigarettes and a can of beer into the country.

From inspection of his vehicle, cartons of cigarettes were hidden in a cool box and a shoebox in the bonnet of the vehicle while one can of beer kept inside a handbag. Another two cartons of cigarettes were also found on the floor mat with another two cartons placed under the front passenger’s seat.

The suspect was brought forward to the court and if found guilty, he will be charged under Section 146 of the Excise Order 2006.

Another offender was brought to court yesterday and he was charged under the same section with a fine amounting to B$1,700 or two months jail. The offender has paid the fine.

Through routine check-up at the Sungai Tujoh Border Control Post, Customs Preventive Section Officer at 7.15pm on July 9, the Malaysian Chinese man in his thirties were caught bringing three cartons and three packets of various brands of cigarettes.

The man driving Malaysian registered Produa Viva hid the contrabands under the back passenger’s seat and the three packets of cigarettes were found in a console box in the front part of the car.

The contrabands were seized by Belait Royal Customs and Excise Department while the vehicles were released.