Thursday, October 24

Commander: Improve the Quality of the Air Line


BALIKPAPAN: Commander VI / Mulawarman Maj. Subekti said, opening the border area in East Kalimantan isolation of the most important thing today is to increase the quality of the airfield.

This was conveyed when talking with Kaltim Post on the sidelines of the National Seminar on National Insight Hotel Grand Senyiur, Aberdeen, yesterday, Kaltim Post reported.

According to him, the military support of local governments to realize the airport is more representative of three districts that enter the border region on the continent of Etam – Nunukan, Malinau, and West Kutai (Kubar).

“Right now we’re improving the quality of the airfield. Various materials that we needed to send by air. Then we can build the infrastructure that is more representative way, “he said. If the ideal airport, it will be easier to send a variety of needs for development, particularly roads in the border region.

Known, the TNI is currently assisting local governments in the development of Yuvai Semaring airport in Long Bawan, Krayan, Nunukan, with a runway length of 900 meters width 23 meters.

Also Airport Long ampung in South Kayan, Malinau with 850 meter runway length and width of 23 meters Airport on Long strings Datah Lunuk, Long Pahangai, Kutai Barat a runway length of 750 meters width 23 meters.

“Members of the TNI ‘would be more familiar with the area at the border. Thus, the work can be more optimal expansion of the airport. TNI to help the soldiers entered the village through the program. Cooperation is very simple, “said Subekti.

Seminar Committee Chairman, Col. Inf P Hutagalung said, “The issue of borders is never quiet. For this reason, the seminar was held. We collect all the important figures, especially in border areas so that we can get a solution to deal with it “.

The concept of nationalism in the seminar yesterday, participants from different backgrounds are present. Ranging from academics to members of TNI.

From community leaders to leaders of the media.Calculation of the committee, as presented seminar moderator, Bernaulus Saragih, there are 336 invitations to attend.

“During my seminars, this seminar is the most complete. All parties are present, ranging from government to academia. Also figure the border, “he said at the opening session of exposure Bernaulus presenters. Tables and chairs provided by the organization is full.