Monday, March 25

Contraband items seized at Joint KB raid


KUALA BELAIT: Thirty bottles of various alcoholic beverages and 26 cartons of cigarettes were seized during a surprise inspection in three houses at Kampong Kuala Balai in a joint operation between the Crime Investigation Department of RBPF and the Customs Department, reported Borneo Bulletin.

Eight CID officers and five officers from the Customs Department took part in the operation and targetted areas within Kampong Kuala Balai at about 2pm.

The operation was conducted after receiving a public tip off and the first house visited belonged to a 44-year-old Chinese PR. Fourteen bottles of contraband drinks were discovered there.

The second house also belonged to a Chinese PR, aged 55 and the enforcement officers discovered six bottles of alcohol hidden.

In the third house, they discovered 10 bottles of undeclared liquors as well as 26 cartons of cigarettes, also belonging to the second suspect.

All the items were confiscated and the suspects are under investigation.