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Residents Leave Home Muddy


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TENGGARONG: A total of 21 coal mining concession in Samboja was assessed contribution to the flooding in the region. The team of technical institutions Kutai regency (Kukar) during the day, yesterday (12/7), re-combing the two villages in Samboja. Field verification is to analyze the victim compensation fund, which will be charged to the company, Kaltim Post reported.

Head of Monitoring and Control at the Regional Environment Agency (BLHD) Kukar, Yasmet said it could not disclose the work of mining in the region. “We are still collecting the findings in the field. Inspection results will be formulated into 21 mine, “he said. According to him, BLHD team consisting of 4 different areas of responsibility of this group.

A team of 5-6 monitor the mine area. “We have to monitor the approaching dusk, no one has met with other teams. So in general there is no conclusion, “he said. He said the concession of 21 coal mines in Samboja worked about 40 company. Starting today, Friday (13/7), the new field verification results will be formulated by opening the data fields provided by the company owner Samboja 21 mining concessions in last Wednesday.

There are approximately 16 companies in attendance. While the defaulters, namely CV Lampe Bara Utama, Cooperative Sinar Surya, CV Bara Utama, CV Mighty Mahakam Main, CV Amindo Primary, CV Margumulyo Divine, and CV Sawito Mandiri. According to him, a number of companies that meet the call, ready to pay compensation according to their ability.

Varying the compensation fund. As CV Elidasari Rp 10 million, CV Brian Main Rp 50 million, Bumi Sakti wulu CV of Rp 100 million, and CV Thanks to Divine Rp 200 million. Awang Rachman, Samboja residents say, what the current government resolved not ngefek for mining companies for mining regulations have not been diketok. “No decision, the government has not thought ahead,” he said.

Now, he said, what the citizens Samboja obtained in the presence of mine, just damage to the environment. “The proof is in sight. Floods, “he complained. On the other hand, in the midst of people suffering from floods, demanding the closure of mines, and road hauling, mining regulations that have been completed instead of suspended animation. In fact, these regulations include hauling road completion issues, to the compensation fund.

“This legislation diketok just want to live, but it is still head of Parliament studied,” said Baharuddin Demmu, vice chairman of the parliament Kukar. Separate Confirmed, Chairman of the committee legislation Mine, Firnandi Iksan, calling this regulation which can set a number of companies in compliance with the environmental management Kukar started to ban the use of road hauling. “The discussion has been completed, its articles were pretty loud.

This regulation of NGOs and some stakeholder input, “said Firnadi Iksan. He said the regulations are now in the hands of the leadership of Parliament (Awang Yacob Luthman) will disemilokakan called first, before it was passed. “He (Mr Awang Yacob, Ed.) Asked to do some steps again. As will be a seminar, “said MCC politicians.

This regulation still refers to Law 32 of 2009, when the mine management of violating compliance, sanctions such as reprimand, forced to license revocation. “In its articles also set up, hauling roads and compensation fund,” he said. If the fine, a little lighter. Highest Rp 50 million. “It is light, because the statute refers. Should not be higher than the higher rules, “he explained.

Floods in Samboja, aquatic mammal (Kukar) gradually receded, yesterday (11/7). But society is not so active to clean her house, which was submerged. They thought the rain could fall at any time and potential flooding occurred again. “If cleared, the mud rain again later. Let it go, let me be a testament to how much misery regency, “Mang said Sari (65), elder residents of this village Seluang River in front of his residence.

As is known, Wednesday (11/7) then, it rained for an hour, from 10.00 pm and again resulted in flash floods. Although not as big flood last July 6, flooding in the RT 2, RT 1, RT 8 and RT 7 Seluang River Village residents were still troublesome. The new water completely receded in neighborhoods yesterday morning. Although yesterday had rain, the situation was gradually to normal.

While no definitive answer from the regency Kukar, related to the action of the citizens they remain consistent to the forced closure of mining activity. According to residents, this action is not illegal, because according to the instructions of HM Ghufron Vice Regent Joseph. Wabup emphasized, there is no mining operation before the demands of citizens are met. “There is no definitive answer from the regency.

During that time, we did the underground. There are sweeping us suspicious. Anyway, there was no activity yet, “said Hidayat, chairman of RT 1 River Selaung Hidayat. For five days this mining activity was seen writhing. “But yesterday, there is an operation and caught. There karungan containers brought into the Kingdom, “said another resident, who asked not dikorankan.

Citizen action is indeed on the one hand, interfere with the mining workers, which in part also from local residents. “They already know, because we are talking about is fine to meet employees. We say, according to the district meeting, stop here first mining activities, as dictated by Vice Regent, “said Chairman of RT 1, Hidayat.

From the description of the citizens, who demanded these different work backgrounds, including civil servants. Well, since echoed this demand, there is claimed to be intimidated. Civil servants who participated in the action and vocals, started terrorized. Threat, about the career. “Yes, already threatened threatening, but we do not fear for our own good deerah,” said one of his servants.