Friday, April 26

265 registered , only 253 turn out


BALIKPAPAN: Exam admission Kalimantan Institute of Technology (ITK) held on Saturday (14/7) yesterday morning at SMA 1 Balikpapan, Kaltim Post reported.

A total of 253 participants compete to obtain the best value in order to qualify.

Previously, online registration opened from July 2 through July 10.From that period, netted 219 applicants.

However, the figure is considered to be still lacking.

Registration was extended conventionally to submit the file directly to the Department of Education (Disdik) and closes on Friday (13/7).”From the conventional registration in Disdik, 46 applicants registered.

“There should be 265, but there were 12 applicants who did not attend the exam. So that is 253 registrants  present only. “said Sulistyono, Admissions Coordinator (PMB) Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya.

Of these, some participants will still be selected that meet the criteria. What kind of criteria, Sulistyono not want to describe. “It’s very technical, complicated calculation process,” he explained.

One is for sure, the selection of this test is not combined with a total value of the National Exam. Just a third of the picture, the last selection, participants were confronted with 100 questions.

Mathematics consists of 40 questions, 40 Physics and 20 questions about the English language. In the future, they were given five elective courses. Namely Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Shipping.

Announcement will be made on 19 July. Balikpapan Mayor Rizal Effendi also visit a selection process that is running. “From the results of this test, participants who qualify will take a third, namely, an approximately 80-candidate,” the mayor said. The rest will be cleared for reselection and nationally.

Known, according to a specified quota, the first year of ITK will receive 100 people. “Selection is a special right now Kalimantan. Later in the national selection, the child who fails to Kalimantan in the first selection can also try out again, “added Sulistyono again.

Added, in general, only take one student ITS course of 15 or 16 applicants.

On that occasion, the mayor welcomed the ITK course of the selection process. “It’s a very good opportunity for the citizens of Borneo. Not to be wasted, “he hoped.

Moreover, Rizal said, for students from East Kalimantan to be financed by the provincial government tuition and dormitory.

Mentioned about the progress of the construction of ITK, Rizal called all still running. “Being in the process. Maybe two years from now we can already see the building, “he said.