Sunday, May 26

Kalimantan calls on mosques to minimize use of loud speakers during Ramadan


KALIMANTAN: The Central Kalimantan administration has called on mosques in the province to turn off their loud speakers outside azan (calls to prayers), as mosques commonly air Koran recitations a during Ramadan, Jakarta Globe reported.

“Don’t use loud speakers when reciting the Koran. Take pity on people of different faiths who want to rest,” Central Kalimantan Deputy Governor Achmad Diran said during an event in Palangkaraya on Wednesday.

But Achmad was careful to say that his request should not be seen as a ban against Muslims preventing them from performing their religious rituals such as reciting the Koran; Achmad said he was only asking for a reduced use of the speakers.

“Please use loud speakers for azans, including during the magrib [dusk], as well as for the tarawih prayers,” Achmad said. “But after nine in the evening, please turn off the loud speakers.”

Mosques in Indonesia commonly air the azan through loud speakers five times a day as calls for the five mandatory daily prayers. During Ramadan however — and especially at the holy month’s end on Idul Fitri — mosques commonly increase the use of their loud speakers by airing Koran recitations and the tarawih, or recommended Ramadan evening prayers.

Achmad said the Religious Affairs Ministry and the Central Kalimantan branch of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) issued similar calls.

“Let’s preserve the unity and diversity in Central Kalimantan,” Achmad said.