Sunday, March 24

Royal birthday resounds with loyalty for monarch


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: Throughout the four days that saw the nation celebrating His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam’s 66th birthday, thousands of the monarch’s subjects had invested significant time and effort in ensuring that each district presents

His Majesty with memorable performances with themes that are meaningful to the nation and that portray what the people believe in and stand for.

From the country’s historical religious background to the colourful cultures that are ingrained deeply within the heart of each citizen, the performances were eye-catching to those who witnessed their precise execution who could relate to the stories that were being told, Borneo Bulletin reported.

As part of the royal birthday celebration that culminated in the heart of the capital at the Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddin yesterday morning, veteran and novice performers alike were on stage for His Majesty and the royal family.

Members of the public and tourists were able to witness the significant part of the country’s economic development from humble beginnings in the once economically driven and now iconic water village to what the nation has become today and what the people aspire to be.

Aptly themed ‘Brunei’s Glory Throughout nine’, the performance which was divided into three chapters began with a reminiscent narrative of how Bruneians sought to become self-sufficient with many of the people’s ancestors starting their lives at sea and on land through small-scale trade that involved the selling and buying of fish, the planting of vegetables and handmade crafts whose products have become well-known across the region.

Also depicted in the performances was the discovery of the first oil well in the early 1900’s at the Ampa Field in Seria and gas a few decades later in 1963, as highlighted by the committee members at the Ministry of Home Affairs who had incorporated the discovery of what has become the country’s prime source of revenue.

Actors on stage including those dressed in the signature orange jumpsuits re-enacted the excitement that was experienced on April 5, 1929 when the sole remaining exploration entity that travelled to Brunei, known as the British-Malaya Oil Company, assisted the people and overwhelmingly altered Brunei’s future for the better.

As the performance transcended from the historical find of oil and entered the final chapter, those who were there were given the opportunity to better understand the nation’s progress in development including the latest National Development Plan currently in its 10th term.

Efforts to create a progressive Abode of Peace based on the Malay Islamic Monarch principle were also depicted in the stage performance, which ended with the showcasing of the country’s Vision 2035, concentrating on three main strategies – education, economy and security – in ensuring that the future generations are well taken care of.

As the choir sang a composition entitled ‘Success Driven, Targeted Development’ for Brunei Vision 2035, dozens from across the society – including those carrying 35 national flags representing loyalty to King and Country, 11 green, five blue and five white flags representing belief in the values of Islam, social harmony as well as practice of generous traditions – gathered on stage dressed in various uniforms symbolic of the potential that the country and its people possess.

To conclude the royal birthday celebration, a special object in the form of a yellow balloon with the words MIB was released into the air, overlooking the stage and another special object was brought in by seven individuals and as they then positioned it in front of the Royal Dais, the slogan “Together, United with High Determination towards Achieving the National Vision 2035 Aspiration based on the Malay Islamic Monarchy Concept” rang out across the field, followed by three cheers of Daulat Kebawah Duli Tuan Patik’.