Friday, October 18

Avalanche caused transmission pipeline leaks


BALIKPAPAN: Friday the distribution of water from the Regional Water Company (PDAM) Balikpapan, re-experiencing the disorder distribution. This was caused by Instalasi Pengolahan Air Minum  (IPAM) Damai has decreased the production capacity of 400 liters / second to 240 liters / sec, Kaltimpost reported.

This is because the raw water transmission pipeline from the reservoir to the IPAM Damai Manggar leak caused by the landslide on Thursday (19/7), in the residential area of the New Balikpapan.

“We did not predict this problem occurs. But we will finish with a target of 3 x 24 hour job, “said Head of Public Relations Gazali Rakhman PDAM Balikpapan.

Gazali explained, some areas have been affected the distribution is a region in the south and north, as well as some in the west of this city.

Region includes the Peace, Bank Duta complex, Perum Post and Giro, BDS Complex, Complex BDI, PLN Pikitring Complex Ring Road, Gang Mex, Lotus Gang, Gang PLN, Sampurna Gang, Gang Orienz, Markoni Area, MT Haryono Region, Mountain Region offerings, Sepinggan Region, Region Batakan, Balikpapan area Permai (BP), Region Klandasan, Sailing Region, Region Rapak, Vegetable Gardens area, Kampung Baru area, up to 4 Mountain Region.

“We apologize for the inconvenience. We try to maximize the processing pipeline can be completed more quickly than the time specified, “Gazali hoped.