‘Check on centres still operating into the night’


MIRI: The Miri City Council (MCC) and the relevant authorities must act on complaints that massage and reflexology centres here are operating past their permitted operating hours.

“I’ve received complaints from people that certain massage and reflexology centres in town have operated well past their permitted hours,” said Senadin DAP branch chairperson Lim Su Kien recently.

Lim was told that their family members who patronise certain centres had returned home very late, well past the permitted closing time at 2am or later, as evidenced by their cars still being parked outside such centres.

“The complainants are mostly housewives and family members who are concerned about the unhealthy activities of their male family members in coming home so late,” she said.

Lim called on the MCC to act on their complaints and to conduct checks, based on the tip offs by the public, on those centres.

“It won’t look good if MCC ignores these complaints and allow these centres to flout the rules openly as this could lead to more social problems later,” she added.

Coincidentally, the Mayor had recently been reported to have received a death threat suspected to be related to the council operations in checking on the local reflexology and massage centres.

Meanwhile, Miri PAS chief Jofri Jaraiee commended Miri Mayor for doing a good job to improve the image of the city, and urged the police to investigate the threat thoroughly.

“His (Mayor) firm attitude should be appreciated and MCC should continue to cooperate with all regardless of race, religion, and ideologies to develop Miri,” he added.

PKR Miri chief Dr Michael Teo suggested MCC play its part in ensuring entertainment centres do not flout the council’s by-laws and annoy the city’s residents by operating beyond permitted hours and causing nuisance at night.