Monday, May 27

School to be ready by mid 2014


SITE VISIT: Ding (third right) being briefed on the project’s progress by Sieh Chung, as (from right) Braden, Dagang and others look on.

SARIKEI: The proposed SMK Sarikei Baru, which will have classes up to Form 5, is scheduled to be completed by June 2014.

Sarikei MP Ding Kuong Hiing, who visited the project site yesterday, said the project cost RM40.25 million, and its construction was prompted by the surge in number of students around the area.

He said the land near the junction of Rentap/Baji Road spanned 7.6 hectares, but based on the current plan only about three-quarter of it would be used.

“Hence, the school could implement an extension programme should the need arises in future,” he said to reporters after being briefed by consultant engineer Braden Jeinoster and contractor Wong Sieh Chung.

Currently under construction are three 3-storey classroom blocks (36 classrooms); one 3-storey administration block to house an office, teachers room; one 3-storey workshop block; one 3-storey laboratory block; an indoor multi-purpose hall; and a canteen.

The multi-purpose hall, which can accommodate about 400 people at any one time, would also have badminton courts.

SMK Sarikei Baru would also have a basketball court, netball court, a football field, sepak takraw courts and perimeter fencing.

Among those who accompanied Ding were assistant District Education officer Dagang Bungsu and councillor Teng Ung Woo.