Saturday, December 3

Improve services to address cholera outbreak, dept urged


BINTULU: The Health Department has been urged to take immediate steps to improve health services at Bintulu Hospital in order to address the cholera outbreak currently sweeping across the district.

State PBB Youth vice-chief and PBB Jepak youth chief Pandi Suhaili yesterday said from information he received, the level of healthcare and services left much to be desired, prompting concern that the hospital was not in a position to  handle the many cases of the disease.

“Our members here are willing to go to the ground with the personnel from Health Department to address the cholera outbreak if help is needed,” said Pandi.

He believed that going to the ground and addressing the problem there and then was a more effective way to control the outbreak.

The cholera outbreak in Bintulu remains a major concern as the State Health Department tries to contain the disease from spreading to other districts.

Since last week, medical personnel had been going to the ground to every village and residential area conducting health screening.

The outbreak which coincidently occurred during the Ramadan month while Muslims are fasting seems very challenging especially for food handlers and traders at Ramadan bazaars.

Some people when asked preferred to cook by themselves at home rather than buying foods and drinks in the bazaars as precaution.

Nevertheless, traders should take this situation in a positive way by enhancing their hygiene, particularly while preparing foods. The people are also advised to remain vigilant and practise good hygiene and cleanliness, and only drink boiled water.

The outbreak was first detected here on July 14.