Siblings who went missing after hearing ‘noises’ return home


Jaxfelix Calvin Goekan who was reported missing with his sister, has finally returned home.

KOTA KINABALU: Two siblings, including a seven-year-old boy, who were reported missing for more than a week have returned home.

Jaxfelix Calvin Goekan, and his sister Suina Goekan, 27, who were last seen near an electric transformer in the village around 1.30pm on July 26, returned to their home at Kampung Kirurau Pulutan, Menggatal around 9am, yesterday.

Their mother, Taini Sumping, 54, said her children returned home around 9am looking tired and weak, but did not show any signs of physical abuse.

“I could not believe my eyes when my two children suddenly returned home by themselves after being missing for almost a week.

”I was doing my morning chores when I peeked outside my window hoping to see my children and to my surprise, they were sitting outside.

”I quickly ran downstairs to bring them in and fed them rice and a few dishes I had prepared earlier for the rest of my children,” said Taini when met at Likas Hospital yesterday.

According to the mother of six, Calvin and Suina heard many voices while they were walking home but realized that there was actually nobody there.

“They said they tried to walk home after running away from the noises they heard, but could not find their way home for some mysterious reason. They also did not mention of any foul play by anyone.

”Many local villagers believe that it was the ‘tinalangan’, a traditional belief where people are misled into the forest and will get lost for days. I don’t know what to think. I am just happy that they are home,” she said.

Taini is glad that her children have finally returned home while she waited patiently in Likas Hospital yesterday.

Taini said Calvin and Suina were surviving on ‘liposu’ (a local sour fruit) and pineapples that they found while wandering in the forest as well as drinking water from a river for eight days.

“I would like to thank everyone who has helped in every way they could, especially those who have dedicated prayers to our family,” she said.

Likas Hospital officials could not release much information about the health conditions of the siblings but they appeared to be stable as of press time.

Calvin received treatment to his feet, believed to be due to the non-stop walking for eight days and both siblings were given IV drips.

“We are keeping a close eye on both Calvin and Suina as they appear to be very weak and seem to be suffering from dehydration.

“We will update family members if there are any updates on the siblings’ health condition,” said one of the doctors who was attending to Calvin and Suina.

The doctor however wished not to be named.

Calvin and Suina were reported missing on Thursday, July 26 in Kampung Kirurau Pulutan, Menggatal, while Suina was allegedly walking Calvin home from school that day.

Sources say that they were last seen at a location nearby an electricity transformer in Kampung Kirurau Pulutan at about 1.30pm the day they were reported missing.

A day-long search effort which involved locals, the police, Fire and Rescue Department, People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA) and the Civil Defense Department (JPAM) failed to retrieve any clues to the whereabouts of Calvin and Suina.

The case had also sparked a massive awareness and information effort on social networking website, Facebook with details of the case and a picture of Calvin being spread since last weekend.