Saturday, August 20

BN continues to bring devt – Johnny


INANAM: Inanam assemblyman, Datuk Johnny Goh said the country’s development process continues from the past, present to future under the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

“There are still problems here and there including inadequate basic facilities and infrastructure, but these will be pursued and solved by the government.

“If there is a problem it does not mean there is no development. We can see development is growing rapidly throughout the country and Inanam is no exception,” said Johnny, who is also PBS Inanam chief, when opening the annual general meeting of PBS Kg Kionsom branch in Inanam at the Kg Kionsom Mini Hall, recently.

He said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has also sparked ideas that could ensure the country remains stable economically, politically and socially.

However, he said, the opposition tried to mislead the people on the ability of the BN with various promises they cannot keep.

Johnny also condemned the opposition’s action to manipulate certain problems by taking negative angles as they did on the issue of customary land.

“Accordingly, I hope people are not easily influenced by the propaganda of the opposition. It is easy for them (opposition) because they just talk without having to implement what they have said.

“The government is working to resolve people’s problems. Therefore it only makes sense that we continue to give full support to the BN, a government that has proven its ability,” he said.