Plantation worker steps on World War II bomb


SIBU: A worker at an oil palm plantation in the outskirts of Sungei Assan stepped on a World War II bomb but fortunately did not trigger an explosion.

The man was walking back to his hostel when the incident occurred at 7.15pm on Friday.

The scared worker informed the security guard, and a police bomb unit was sent in.

The police condoned off the area. They will explode the bomb soon.

What puzzled the plantation workers was why no one had stumbled on the bomb when the land was cleared and burnt for the planting season.

In an unrelated case, the wife of a couple walking to their vegetable farm at Permai Road at 8.15am yesterday was snatched of a gold necklace worth RM10,000.

The pillion rider on a motorcycle had got down to ask the woman the direction to nearby Kampung Jeriah.

The thief was bold enough to remove his helmet while talking to the woman.

Her husband was walking behind her and when on catching up with the wife, felt suspicious of the stranger and pulled his wife to stand behind him.

Knowing his intention had been exposed, the thief pushed the husband into the drain before snatching his wife’s necklace.

The husband suffered cuts and bruises on falling into the ditch.

A report has been lodged.

In another incident, a motorcyclist drove into a drain at a road junction leading to an oil palm plantation in Bawan Assan on Friday night.

The 34-year-old was returning home after a drinking session.

His left thigh was injured and he was bleeding from the mouth and ears. He also vomitted blood.

The man has been hospitalised.