Menumbok folk confident of solution to water, electricity woes


MENUMBOK: Although long-standing issues on water and electricity remain a problem here, a majority of the Kuala Penyu people, especially those in the Menumbok sub-district, are confident that a solution is definite.

Showing their support to the new leadership of Beaufort Umno led by acting division chief Isnin Aliasnih, they are confident he would continue Barisan Nasional’s legacy to find remedies to their problems.

A villager, Sailli Suntim, disclosed that the water and electricity supplies have been a problem since time immemorial.

“These are not new problems, and the people here are beginning to get tired with the excuses given by former leaders, be it in the division or state level. They promised to find solutions and yet the problem still remains,” he said.

Isnin, who is also the political secretary to Deputy Chief Minister cum Infrastructure Development Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, during a visit here reiterated the promise that he would make sure these long-standing problems affecting the people would be settled.

Sailli added that the days of broken promises have ended, and hoped that it would be fulfilled, rather than treating it as another rhetoric or publicity.

“We do not want it to be another broken promise as done by past leaders. The water and electricity supply problems are also affecting other villages such as Kampung Kekapor and Seliku Temporong,” he said.

Meanwhile, Beaufort member of parliament Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Ukin when attending the Ziarah Ramadhan (Ramadhan Visit) programme at the Kampung Darat Menumbok Mosque, said the people wished the promises are fulfilled under the Janji Ditepati (fulfilling promises) slogan, and not a promise that is meant to be broken.

He said the two problems had long existed and after decades, BN had yet to find a solution to them.

“I have raised the issues to the government before but to no avail. In fact, they even labeled me as an opposition leader every time I asked about the progress. They are keeping their hopes high that the ruling coalition would be able to bring an end to their agony, especially now that the festive season is so close,” he said.

Lajim, who is also the SRF chairman, said the people were getting bored with empty promises, adding that the setting up of the Sabah Reform Front is aimed to get the people’s support to bring changes to benefit the people.

Apart from breaking fast with some 200 Muslims in the area, Lajim also presented a personal donation to 126 needy people, comprising the poor, single mothers, orphans and people with disabilities.