Friday, June 25

Hippopotamus in Malaysia in danger of extinction


TEMERLOH: The Hippopotamus amphibius or badak air in Malay, needs the attention and support of the public as its number is declining and the animal facing


Director-general of the National Parks and Wildlife Department (Perhilitan), Datuk Abdul Rahman Abdul Rashid said there were now only 50 to 60 hippopotamus in the country.

“This species weighs two to three tonnes and they love to live in forest areas with cool clime, especially shady places with swampy land, a pond, puddles of water or a river present.

“In Pahang, there are 23 hippopotamus found in the Chini, Krau, Keratong and Rompin forests and the rest in the Belum forest in Perak and the National Park in Terengganu, Kelantan and Johor,” he told Bernama.

He therefore advised the people not to hunt the animal or kill it to ensure its survival for the benefit of future generations.

“Those hunting and shooting the animal will be arrested and taken to court. If convicted for the offence, they can be sentenced to jail or fined, or both,” he said. — Bernama