Thursday, April 9

World recognises Malaysia as Islamic financial centre — Minister


IPOH: The invitation by Sudan for Malaysia to set up Islamic banks in that country has proven that the world has recognised Malaysia as an Islamic financial centre and hub.

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said the government however has to discuss the invitation with the banks involved.

“With regards to the request from Sudan, we have to discuss the matter with the banks on whether they are ready to go to Sudan or not,” he told reporters after a ‘shopping with orphans’ programme at a hypermarket, here yesterday.

In a press conference on ‘Business Opportunities in Sudan’ recently, Sudan’s ambassador to Malaysia, Nadir Yousif Eltayeb invited Malaysia to set up Islamic banks in the country to facilitate trade and investment financing between the two countries.

Ahmad Husni said Malaysia is ready to expand and widen the Islamic banking system to other countries.

“This is in line with what is implemented by the Islamic Development Bank which launched the ‘Nation Partnership Concept’ in which Malaysia is one of the countries selected to assist other Islamic countries to increase their economies,” he said.

He said in the first stage, Malaysia has promoted Islamic banking and halal products in Tunisia.

“There are a few countries that have asked us to undertake discussions and increase their countries’ economies,” he said. — Bernama