Wednesday, June 16

Instagram Update Adds Photo Maps, Faster Browsing


Instagram rolled out a new version of its mobile photo-sharing app today that will make it even easier for its users to stroll down memory lane.

Included in Instagram 3.0 is a feature called Photo Map, which displays geotagged photos by location on a map. (Geotagging is an optional feature that records the location of where you took a photo. It’s turned off by default in the app, in case you’re worried about privacy.)

After updating the app, you’ll find a Photo Map button on your profile page. When using it for the first time, Instagram will show all your previously geotagged photos, so you can pick and choose which images you want displayed on the map. From then on, you’ll have the option to enable or ignore the feature when posting new photos to Instagram. You can also remove a photo from the Photo Map at a later time, by pressing the edit button.

In addition to Photo Map, Instagram introduced infinite scrolling, which means you’ll no longer have to press the Load More button to view all the images in your feed. Photos have also been enlarged in grid view, and there’s a larger text box for adding captions.

Instagram 3.0 is available now for download for iOS and Android devices, from iTunes and the Google Play store.

Source: AllThingsD