Sunday, July 12

Council staff warned on office cliques


KAPIT: Kapit District Council (KDC) staff have been warned not to allow office cliques to grow.

Ministry of Local Government and Community Development permanent secretary Dr Penguang Manggil said KDC staff should instead work as a team and cooperate fully with new secretary Yong Ing Chu.

“We do not want ‘spies’ in the office, be they staff or those from outside the office. The bottom line is that we must work as a team. There should be no ‘spies’ because it will be very difficult for you to work.

“If such things as clique groups exist in the organisation, things will not work well because it will involve divisions and jealousy. In this respect, we must focus our resources to carry out our duties without fear or favour,” he pointed out during a dialogue with KDC staff on Tuesday.

It was held in conjunction with the handing over of duties by outgoing secretary Henry Jalin Watt to Yong.

He stressed that local authorities throughout the state shared the same vision and mission.

“If one local authority works in isolation and does things their own way, then there would be complaints,” he said, adding that all local authorities should have smart partnerships with other government agencies as well.

“We cannot work alone as at times we do not have the resources we need. That is why we need to adopt the Blue Ocean strategy to work together to do activities with the other government agencies that saves us costs and manpower.”

On recent reports that the staff of certain local authorities have been involved in various undesired activities, Penguang stressed this reflected badly on the ministry.

“Live within your means and be careful while exercising your duties as your friends next door or your colleagues could be your foes. If you have business interests, it is best you declare it and in this manner you are safe,” he said.