High praise for Raleigh trailblazers


PAPAR: To experience working for the benefit of others outside the comfort zone with people from different cultural backgrounds, makes Raleigh expeditions so special, according to Minister of Youth and Sports, Datuk Peter Pang En Yin.

He said it is commendable for Raleigh participants to  devote their time in undertaking challenges, whether in their capacities as venturers or volunteer managers.

Over the past three months, the participants have all worked extremely hard and challenging themselves mentally and emotionally.

They trekked in the far-flung jungles away from civilisation, lived with remote communities without the facilities they are used to and deprived of the normal comforts of a home.

They overcame hardship, working together as a team and learned to appreciate the diversity of a multi-cultural experience.

“You can be confident that you have made a difference to the lives of many people, from the communities you have worked with, to your new Raleigh friends.

“Your adventure will continue even after the expedition has ended,” said Pang at the closing of the Raleigh Borneo Expedition 12DI held at Borneo Paradise recently.

He went on to add that his ministry is intent to bring about changes in society, particulary among the youths in Sabah, to be strong and healthy, dynamic, productive and forward-looking.

The characteristics would be the foundation for the building of an ideal society which would be the driving force in the quest to attain the nation’s vision, he said.

The aims, Pang said, blend with Raleigh’s own objectives and he expressed delight that Raleigh expeditions of welcoming young people from all over the world to give them the opportunity to work together and to learn from one another, sharing their experience and culture.