Monday, September 21

All about strengthening self belief, not records


Mohamad Nurnazri Qaiyum

Mohd Ady Fadila Majni

Nurul Ain Syazwani Zakaria

SAMARAHAN: Participating in the ‘120 hours of non-stop running relay on treadmills’ record breaking feat is not about stamping their names in The Malaysia Book of Records, but to reinforce their belief that they can succeed in all that they aspire.

Mohamad Nurnazri Qaiyum, 18, who was an athlete in his secondary school days, said he had never felt more confident in his own ability after going through months of rigorous training for the event.

Both the physical and mentality preparations had fired up his belief that he could achieve all his dreams if he stayed focused and be determined.

“Participating in this record breaking feat inadvertently strengthen my talents in sports. In addition, it gave me the motivation and confident that if I were to succeed in this programme, I can hit all my targets in life.

“In fact, the experience and physical endurance training that I went through had improved my stamina and physical strength, and this would fuel my aspirations to try out for the state Sukma (Malaysia Games) contingent in my favourite 400 metres hurdles event in 2014,” said the UiTM banking student to reporters when met at the launching of the record breaking feat at the university’s student centre yesterday.

The Kuching lad hoped that if UiTM succeeded in their feat, the effort would instill confidence and believes among all fellow students that all things are possible if they take action.

Fellow banking student, Mohd Ady Fadila Majni, who is a long-distant runner, echoed Mohamad Nurnazri’s sentiment that the success of the event was beyond putting the university’s name on the national map. He said efforts to break the record was about inspiring the runners and others students alike.

“After going through the rigorous training, I am more confident in my ability in contributing to the success of the feat. Going through the training and finally seeing that this even actually happened had given me the hope and belief that all things are possible if we are serious, focused, and determine. This can be an inspiration to all of us,” said the 18-year-old.

Mohd Ady also took the opportunity to advise youths that health should always be made a priority.

Avid runner Nurul Ain Syazwani Zakaria, 19, participated in the event to increase her stamina in cross country running. Apart from improving her stamina and physical condition, the lass from Taiping, Perak, who is one of the two female participants in the event, hoped to inspire other female students to be active in sports and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“This is the first time I participated in such an enduring challenge. If we could break the record, I would be very proud to have contributed in making history and forged a name for UiTM Samarahan campus.”

Lauding UiTM’s bold attempt to organise such an event, she said that the programme was able to unearth hidden sporting talents among those who came for the trial.

Nurul, who is a Sport Science and Recreational student, mentioned that the participants had trained six-times a week for the past two months. Following her intensive physical and mental preparation for the event, the former Sukma trainee highlighted that the experience had instilled a new belief that she is capable to compete in the Malaysia Games in the future.