Dunging alphabet made easier


UNIQUE: File photo of the raw Dunging or Iban alphabet.

KUCHING: It will be a great privilege to learn the Iban or Dunging Alphabet.

The alphabet named after the inventor, Dunging Gunggu, has been developed by his grandson Assoc Prof Dr Bromeley Phillip into computerised fonts for easier teaching and learning. Bromeley has gone some great distance in refining and promoting the only known Iban system of writing.

He now works closely with Winstep Management Solutions to conduct classes not only to revive the alphabet but also to ensure that it is widely studied and known among the Iban in particular.

Bromeley is an authority on the subject and is among a few of his close relatives who has seriously researched the Dunging alphabet.

“Classes will begin on Oct 15 and as there are limited places available, the intake will be based on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis,” said a press statement made available here yesterday.

“To complete the course, one needs to complete 28 hours of study, with each session lasting for two hours. There will be three sessions per week,” it added.

To know more about the class, there will be free talk/preview on the subject at Kuching Park Hotel here on Sept 22.