Tuesday, August 4

Yes, TAIDEN Conduct Seminar On Full Digital Discussion System


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: A private sector organisation, in preparations of the Asean Summit 2013, recently launched a seminar on the full digital discussion system that is used in major international meetings. The seminar, which was jointly organised by Yi Ecomodern Solutions Sdn Bhd (YES) and TAIDEN, was held at The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Borneo Bulletin reported.

TAIDEN’s speaker, Shao, outlined the recent projects at the World Bank Building and UN Head Quarters in Washington and New York respectively.

The existing analogue discussion and simultaneous systems at these two renowned sites have been replaced with TAIDEN digital solutions. More than 4000 units of TAIDEN discussion units will be installed at the UN HQ by the end of next year.

TAIDEN discussion and interpretation systems are used by major international events such as: World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings, G20 Mexico Summit, UNEP Convention, APEC Leader Summit Chile, and EU Committee of the Regions Meetings over the period 2010-2012. In addition to the intrinsic features of digital technology TAIDEN’s systems also provide zero noise interference and several capabilities that are currently not available in other brands.

The seminar demonstrated the unique system features, reliability and “zero-effect” of interference signals. Among the many features available in the discussion systems were registration, voting, speakers’ requests, files management, audio and video quality and recording management. The paperless multimedia delegate’s units, the first of its kind in the world, enable participants to attend meetings without the need to carry papers and files around.

The technology can be easily configured and scaled up from a closed door meeting venue to a large convention centre, and from a delegate unit built into the individual seats of a congress venue to a portable set of systems in a multipurpose hall.