Tuesday, May 17

All given assistance in Beluran – Ronald


BELURAN: The people in the Beluran constituency are provided with basic amenities and infrastructure  regardless of their political stance, said Beluran member of parliament, Datuk Ronald Kiandee.

He said the provisions are made in accordance with the needs and priorities in the area.

For example, Ronald said the construction of the road connecting the villages along Jalan Sapi Nangoh to Paitan and the newly constructed water treatment plant in Botition and Paitanhas have benefited all the villagers.

Other developmental projects cited by Ronald were the construction of SMK Simpangan school, Balat Livestock Project in Pulau Jambongan, the Agropolitan Project in Lingkabau and the economic enhancement project

developed through MESEJ.

“I admit many more need to be done to fulfil the wants of the people of Beluran and especially Paitan.

“This is what I have strived for since I was elected as a people representative and it has never ceased,” said Ronald at the meet-the-people session at Kampung Obah in Paitan yesterday.

Ronald, who is also Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

refuted Datuk Wilfred Bumburing’s statement on SabahKini that Paitan is ignored by its elected representative.

He added that Wilfred needs to focus on Tuaran rather than undermining Beluran’s unity by saying that its people representative is only looking after his own party members.