Tuesday, May 24

GTP 2.0 will cover broader section of society


KUALA LUMPUR: Following the success of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP 1.0), the government will embark on another GTP effort to alleviate the immediate concerns of the rakyat, with regard to the provision of public services.

According to the report, the GTP 2.0 which covers the period 2013 to 2015, will focus on a broader section of society, as well as leverage on non-governmental organisations (NGO) and the corporate sector as strategic partners in the provision of services.

Each ministry has identified new goals which are aligned to the aspirations under the National Transformation Policy (NTP),” the ministry said in the updates on the GTP.

The GTP, introduced as the government’s effort in addressing the immediate concerns of the rakyat with regard to public services, was launched on Jan 28 2010 and would conclude at the end of this year.

This important component of the NTP was set as a foundation for the transformation of Malaysia, and is expected to contribute in making the country a developed and high-income nation as per Vision 2020.

Under the three-year implementation of the GTP 1.0, seven National Key Result Areas (NKRA) were introduced, of which according to the GTP Annual Report 2011, each NKRA had achieved composite scores of over 100 percent and some RM700 million in savings garnered.

The result of the targets and achivements were also made available via the GTP Annual Report 2011.

The seven NKRAs are aimed at reducing crimes, fighting corruption, improving students outcome, raising living standards of the low- income household, improving rural basic infrastructure, improving urban public transport and addressing the rising cost of living.

According to the report, the seven NKRAs will continue to provide the framework to establish and track achievements of the milestones.

The initiatives in the GTP 2.0 are the result of several intensive engagements involving all stakeholders to ensure that the transformation plan is comprehensive, the report said.

The engagement process for the design and implimentation of the GTP Roadmap 2.0 includes an intensive six- week brainstorming session with key stakeholders to find ideas that best fit the overall theme of the GTP.

It also includes public engagements, Cabinet Day Workshop and Open Day to disseminate information on GTP.

This extensive consultation process will continue throughout the implimentation of the GTP 2.0 with other types of public engagement sessions, “ the report said.

The session, according to the report, will ensure that the GTP 2.0 not only aims at initiatives with the geater impact, but holds the responsible agencies accountable for successfull delivery over the next three years. — Bernama