Sunday, March 7

Unique lanterns on display at Sing Kwong Supermarket


BEAUTIFUL: Lanterns at Sing Kwong Supermarket catch the attention of a shopper.

SIBU: The town’s very own lanterns, 57 in all, are currently on display at Sing Kwong Supermarket in Salim Road, thanks to the management of the supermarket and the See Hua Group of newspaper companies.

Sing Kwong property and marketing manager Law Huong Ing said the exhibition was the second of its kind organised to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

“These lanterns are designed and made locally. You can’t find them anywhere else other than at our supermarket,” she enthused.

UNIQUE: The lanterns displayed can only be found at Sing Kwong Supermarket.

VARIOUS DESIGNS: A Malaysian flag lantern.

BURNING SUN: The lantern is made from old magazines.

FASCINATING: The lantern is made entirely from can drink pull-tabs.

She added: “It’s a competition. The winners shall be announced on Oct 6.” Law said most of the lantern materials were recycled items, although it was not made mandatory.

Some used plastic bottles, plastic glasses, drinks cans and their tabs, and so on.

As a gesture of appreciation, the supermarket will give three ‘angpow’ packets to each of the contestants.

An ‘angpow’ will also be given to customers for every purchase of RM50 and above.