Friday, December 3

Catch A Ride At Tour De Brunei Roadshow


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: Ahmadi bin Sulaiman became a lucky winner in the lucky draw of the Tour De Brunei Roadshow. He won himself a Cannondale bicycle sponsored by Geotrax Company. The prize presentation was held at Times Square, Berakas yesterday The Tour Roadshow, which was held on September 28 and 29, aimed to raise awareness to the public about Tour De Brunei, Borneo Bulletin reported.

Apart from the lucky draw and prize presentation, the Tour Roadshow also included arts and crafts events where the public took part in bicycles painting, face painting and bicycle art making which used wires, wood and clay.

Members of the public also had a chance to play interactive games related to bicycle riding via iPads and a PlayStation 3 at the roadshow’s booth, as well as watching Yo Yo performances, balloon twisting by a clown and a magician’s act.

Also present at the roadshow was Fitness Zone staff who held Bicycle Simulation Challenges for the public to participate in.