Wednesday, December 6

High cost of travel a barrier to visiting Mulu


Alex Dlee

MIRI: Mulu will lose to other destinations in the country and region due to the high cost of visiting it.

On arrival here from Mulu yesterday, Vietnamese tour operator Alex Dlee said it only cost him about RM300 to fly from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur, but  more than that to get to the World Natural Heritage site.

“I noticed a lot of foreign tourists particularly westerners there. I believe more Malaysians are interested to visit Mulu but the high cost in airfare becomes an obstacle,” he said.

He believed more Malaysians could afford to visit Mulu if the cost was reduced.

Alex believed Mulu would lose out to other destinations in the country and world that were cheaper to access.

He was on a fact-finding visit to Mulu before promoting it to clients in Hanoi, Vietnam.

“Mulu has lots of natural wonders. It is a suitable place for everybody as it is beautiful and quiet. Nice place to visit,” said Alex who was impressed with the way the government and park management maintain the park.

“Although we have caves back in Vietnam, they are nothing compared to Mulu which is well maintained with the river so clear and clean. The formations inside the caves are also well preserved,” he said.

While in Miri, Alex took the opportunity to savour local delicacies and cuisine.

“The food here is tasty and nice, totally different from what we have back in Vietnam which is a bit plain,” said Alex who loves the spicy Sarawak Laksa.

He finds Miri a beautiful and clean place with friendly people.

“It makes visitors here feel welcome and safe.

“Although I found the living standard here a bit high, people here are easygoing, approachable and friendly.”

Alex said he would be networking with tour agencies here to market and promote Miri and Mulu as tour destinations to his Vietnamese clients in Hanoi.