Sunday, August 14

U Mobile expands 3G network with Maxis


Malaysian mobile operator U Mobile has expanded its 3G network across the country through the activation of its 3G Radio Access Networks (RAN) sharing with competitor Maxis.

Currently, U Mobile has its own-built 3G network infrastructure in core cities within the central, northern and southern regions of Peninsular Malaysia covering the densely populated urban areas of the Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Perak, and Johor.

Through the 3G RAN sharing activation, U Mobile expands its 3G services to every state in Peninsula Malaysia, covering major cities and towns.

In addition, the provision of 3G network services to East Malaysia remains on schedule and will be launched in early 2013.

In line with this intiative, U Mobile has also launched a new advertising campaign entitled, “Connecting Lives” as well as new service offerings.

For MYR 18 per month, customers get 250 MB of data, 25 voice minutes, and 25 SMS messages.

 VIA Telecompaper