Wong’s fate undecided, two stalwarts sacked


Party’s CWC expels Stephen Wong, Paul Hii Huat Chuong, leaves Wong’s fate in the hands of disciplinary committee

FIRM DECISION: Dr Sim showing the press statement containing the decision of the party’s CWC after receiving reports and recommendations of SUPP disciplinary committee.

KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Central Working Committee (CWC) has sacked Stephen Wong Kie Yong and Paul Hii Huat Chuong but put off decision on SUPP Sibu Branch chairman Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh.

On the delay in dealing with Wong’s case, Secretary-general Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian explained at a press conference at party headquarters here yesterday the disciplinary committee had yet to decide on complaints against Wong, as the party’s secretariat had only received formal complaints in October this year.

“The Central Committee (CC) members made complaints against Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh on September 23 but they still need to collect evidence. It was only in October that the party secretariat received all the official complaints from the CC members and certain branches.

“So the CWC had in compliance with the terms of reference of the disciplinary committee of the party referred these complaints to the disciplinary committee for necessary actions,” he explained.

Dr Sim said upon receiving the complaints, the party’s disciplinary committee had 30 days and determine if there was a case against Wong.

“After that, it depends on the party’s disciplinary committee to determine how long the investigation will take because it depends on their investigation approaches. I’m sure the disciplinary committee also want to come out with their findings as soon as possible,” he added.

Dr Sim stressed that the party’s disciplinary committee was independent and any formal complaints from either members of branches would automatically be referred to the disciplinary committee for further action.

He assured that the party’s CWC would not interfere with the investigations carried out by the disciplinary committee.

He also confirmed that during the CWC meeting on Monday, the CWC members only received the disciplinary committee reports and recommendations for both Stephen and Hii.

“After having considered and deliberated the disciplinary enquiry reports on Stephen Wong Kie Yong and Hii Huat Chuong as submitted by the SUPP disciplinary committee, the CWC accepted the findings and recommendations contained therein to expel them pertaining to their conduct which are detrimental to the interests of the party.


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“Hence, the CWC in a properly convened meeting on Oct 29, 2012 resolved to expel Stephen Wong Kie Yong and Hii Huat Chuong from the party with immediate effect,” said Dr Sim.

However, he did not state any specific reason for their expulsions but it was believed that the action was taken against Stephen, who is a Sarikei branch member for lobbying to replace Sarikei MP Ding Kuong Hing in the next general election.

Hii, a Bintangor branch member, was believed to have been expelled because he had “ignored a directive issued by Dr Sim pertaining to the reactivation of SUPP Bintangor branch which was frozen”.

“Stephen and Hii may invoke Article 46 of the party constitution to appeal against this decision of the CWC to the party’s Central Committee (CC). They will have 30 days to appeal after they received the letter to the CC,” Dr Sim said.

He confirmed that the party had mailed out the letters to both Stephen and Hii prior to the press conference but was unsure whether they had received them.