Friday, July 10

Set up Homeland Security Ministry to better protect Sabah – Jeffrey


KOTA KINABALU: The state government need to take drastic and urgent steps to ensure the better security of Sabah and its people and should immediately set up a Homeland Security Ministry to complement and supplement the shortcomings of the federal agencies in protecting the people in Sabah.

This was suggested by STAR Sabah chief Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan at the launching of the STAR Sabah, Ranau election machinery in Kaingaran, and in response to the murder of teenager Norikon Saliwa in Kota Marudu recently.

Dr Jeffrey stressed that one of the key factors why Sabah was pushed to the merger and formation of Malaysia in 1963 was the security threats from Indonesia and Philippines and that Malaysia when formed, would take care of Sabah security.

However, the federal agencies responsible for Sabah security and borders have failed to live up to their expectations, he said.

Therefore, Jeffrey said Sabah must have its own Homeland Security Ministry to ensure the better safety of its citizens and its borders in the wake of increasing crimes being committed by foreigners/illegal immigrants and the influx of illegal immigrants all over the State.

Jeffrey also said the Sabah government must also consider taking full control of the State Immigration and National Registration Departments to ensure the laws are implemented and to safeguard the sovereignty of Sabah.

“STAR Sabah views the Sabah security situation very seriously and will ensure that a Ministry of Homeland Security, Immigration and Registration is established when it is voted into power,” he said.