Monday, September 26

Padawan’s plan to build recreational parks suffers setback


Lo Khere Chiang

KUCHING: Padawan Municipal Council’s (PMC) plan to build recreational parks in areas under its jurisdiction has received a setback following a negative response from the federal government.

According to its chairman Lo Khere Chiang, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government in Putra Jaya had given a “negative response” to the request of RM80 million for the purpose.

Lo, however, said despite the setback to the plan, the council would try its best to maintain the current recreational facilities.

“I must admit we have not done a lot for the recreational facilities under PMC. We have been busy concentrating and maintaining the basic infrastructure like roads and drains, he said recently.

To overcome the setback he encouraged developers to include recreational facilities in their housing plans to the authorities.

“Developers should not only reserve spaces for small parks in the housing estate but to also provide basic facilities like swings and see-saws in their playground for the children,” he added.

Lo said he wanted his councillors to be more pro-active in thinking about recreational facilities and to ensure that residents had such amenities near their homes.

He agreed that such facilities would enhance the value of properties, which was good for house owners.

Lo hoped to bring up the matter in the council meeting soon.