Malaysia’s ‘Top 10’ goal achievable


PETALING JAYA: The Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) aspiration of getting Malaysia among the top ten in the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings in a year is absolutely achievable, says Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) Development Consultant Olin McGill.

“Currently Malaysia’s ease of Doing Business rank is at number 12 for 2013 but I think with the reforms that I’ve seen already underway, we’re not just talking about top ten,” he told Bernama in an interview following a panel discussion  on “Modernising Business Regulations in World Bank Doing Business Indicators.”

He said Malaysia was looking at major changes in business dealings that would really make it much easier, cheaper in every area.

“Paying taxes is already ranked number 15 and with small changes, communicating better and information sharing will enable businesses to take the same information to different government agencies,” he said.

“Paying taxes are going to go way up, just look at trading across borders, which is already number 11 compared to 2012’s ranking of 29th spot.

“I understand that there are pretty significant reforms that have already been made in the area of handling construction permits, which were not fully recognised, by the Doing Business team last year.

“A key challenge is to be able to document for the World Bank that we’ve made the change and that businesses and government agencies are actually using it, so that we can have documented results,” he added. — Bernama