Upko Pensiangan takes exception to ‘animal’ remark made by PKR


KENINGAU: Pensiangan Upko Youth Movement has taken exception to remarks made by a leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), inferring Upko leader to that of a ‘pig’ in his speech made openly in Nabawan recently.

Pensiangan Upko Youth chief, Epol Talu, said the PKR leader in referring Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry and Nabawan assemblyman, Datuk Bobbey Suan’s name as ‘Babi Suan (Pig Suan) smacks of wanton disrespect.

“The PKR leader in his ‘off the cuff’ remark in his speech in Nabawan recently like ‘kita kasih jatuh Babi Suan’, (we must topple Babi Suan), appears to indicate that he does not know the difference between an animal and a human. It seems apparent that the PKR leader does not have any respect for the Murut community and its leader’s standing, which for us is customary to be courteous and to show respect for one another.

“We are very upset with the way PKR conducts its public campaign by uttering such language, he should show respect to our Nabawan assemblyman, who was elected by the people through an election,” he told the media here yesterday.

Epol continued saying that opposition leaders in Nabawan district should also respect Barisan Nasional’s (BN) local leaders and regard them as human and not animals.

He said the people in attendance at the event felt very offended by the uncivilised and derogatory attributes made by the PKR leader that many left.

“Such leaders seem intent to raise the ire of society in order to incite hatred between fellow human beings and riots in our country.

“It is apparent that this group do not know to govern the nation as they seem to teach people to be uncivilized.

“Pensiangan Upko Youth Movement therefore call on the people to make their assessment on this type of leadership that has been bold to infer the opposing leaders as ‘a pig’,”  he said.

In terms of infrastructure development, Epol said, much has been done by Datuk Bobbey Suan in Nabawan including improving the economic status of the Murut community. He added that Nabawan district is also one of the many districts that had received the Housing Assistance Programme (PBR) which had benefited and made changes in the standard of living of the people here.