Saturday, July 11

‘Get them off the air’


Radio Free Sarawak and Radio Kenyalang poisoning Ibans with lies and deriding BN — Masing

KUCHING: PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Masing wants Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) and Radio Kenyalang (RK) to be stopped on their tracks as both these “illegal entities” are poisoning the minds of the rural populace, especially the Ibans, and running down the government.

Masing, who is also Minister of Land Development, also urged the authorities concerned to act against those distributing free radio sets in the rural areas as it formed part of the modus operandi of these two radio stations.

He added that if their operations could not be halted, the relevant authorities should at least jam their transmissions so that they become inaudible to listeners.

Masing added that RFS and RK must be stopped to prevent others from following suit.

“The relevant authorities must find out who are the sponsors or owners of these radio stations,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

“We cannot allow them to continue broadcasting lies upon lies because at the end of the day many people would think that what they say is true. This is bad because both radio stations are running down the BN government.”

Masing pointed out that both stations had been targeting the Ibans in the rural areas and this had “disturbed the people”, especially his party supporters.

“Why are they only targeting the Ibans? We must ask ourselves this question: Is it because the Ibans are easily manipulated? We don’t like Ibans being victimised and thought of as fools.”

Masing, who said he would lodge a complaint with the relevant authorities soon, said he believed both stations had the Ibans in their cross-hairs as they had specific agendas.

“They don’t broadcast their programme in other languages such as English, Malay and Chinese.”

He said jamming the transmissions was one option to force them to pack their bags.

He believed jamming could be done because during the communists’ insurgency in the 60’s and 70’s the military and intelligence agencies also used this method to curtail subversive propaganda.

“Their propaganda might not be the same but both their messages are harmful to the listeners,” he cautioned.

“We have sent men to the moon and vehicles to Mars, so don’t tell me that we can’t even jam these radio stations.”

On taking action against those distributing free radio sets to rural folks, he said: “They should be stopped as they are part of the operation to make accessibility to these illegal radio stations possible.”

It is understood that RK broadcasts its programme from 5pm to 6 pm daily and thereafter RFS takes over the airwaves.

Both radios have, among others, accused the government of grabbing the native customary right (NCR) land from the people.