Lone man sets fire to car


KUCHING: A car belonging to an assistant manager of a car wash facility was badly damaged after it was set on fire by an unknown man early yesterday morning.

The incident occurred shortly past 4am when the 25-year-old assistant manager, who stays above her workplace at Nanas Road, woke up after hearing her car alarm blaring and went to check on it together with her husband.

To the couple’s shock, they discovered the rear left side of their Mazda multi-purpose vehicle on fire and immediately went about to extinguish the flames.

The damaged caused by the fire included burns to the window, wheel, rim and seat.

The woman and her husband later inspected the facility’s security camera, which showed a lone man setting fire to the vehicle before fleeing.

The couple claimed they did not know the man or his motive.

A police report of the incident has been lodged.