Wednesday, June 7

Kanowit BR1M 2.0 distribution causes dissatisfaction


Jemat Mujing

Tuai Rumah Beji Angai

Chendang Tigong

KANOWIT: Long queues and service numbers not called in order caused dissatisfaction among some 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) 2.0 recipients here.

Recipient Jemat Mujing from Nanga Tada said the disorderly distribution process of BR1M vouchers last year should have been a lesson for the authorities concerned.

“As we can see the multipurpose hall here is packed with people, with most of them having waited from early morning to collect their vouchers.

“Some queued up for hours waiting for their service numbers to be called out while there are also some who came later who did not have to wait any longer to get their vouchers,” he complained at the Kanowit multipurpose hall on Tuesday. “I hope that this matter will be taken more seriously in the future.”

Tuai Rumah Beji Angai from Kampung Semayang in Bawan suggested the vouchers be distributed in small groups based on the localities of recipients to ensure more efficient distribution.

“For example, the distribution for us in Bawan area could be held at the multipurpose hall which I believe is an ideal and strategic venue.

“It would facilitate the process if it were done that way and not concentrated in one place,” he said.

Chendang Tigong from Ulu Poi, on the other hand, suggested district offices help with the difficulties faced by longhouse folk, particularly those living in remote areas, by allowing longhouse chiefs to collect the vouchers on behalf of their longhouse residents.

He said the situation was difficult as villagers had to spend a night in town to get their vouchers and this involved transportation, food and accommodation expenses.

“The majority of rural residents who do not have a fixed income feel this is a burden to them,” he said.

There are a total of 5,421 recipients in Kanowit.